Terms & Conditions

Responsibility:  For groups larger than two a pre-designated group leader must take responsibility for the entire party and accept our conditions. Any anti social behaviour that may impact on other guests or neighbours is not allowed.  Guests who behave in an inconsiderate, discourteous, unreasonable or rowdy way will be asked to leave immediately without refund.  We reserve the right to make a judgement as to the above. 


Only people named on the booking form allowed on site - no extra guests allowed

Arrival and departure: You can arrive from 4pm on the day of your stay, and departure is 10am, although we can be flexible if tent isn't booked before or after you, please speak to us.


Campfire/BBQ:  These must be a safe distance from each tent (5m) and 6m from any boundary.  Campfires are only to be lit in our fire pits.  Wood and firelighters can be purchased on site, you can burn paper or card on the campfire but plastics or any material that can cause unpleasant smoke must not be burnt. You are welcome to bring wood for the camp fires but whatever wood you bring to burn must not cause unpleasant smoke. No wood is to be taken from the local area.  NO axes or saws allowed on site.


Noise: No excessively loud or amplified music. Noise should be kept to a minimum after 10pm at night.  Guidance being that general good natured conversation and laughter after this time is acceptable but shouting, singing and raised voices is not. 


Rubbish: Please put all your rubbish in the bins provided.  Please do not leave litter on our site.


Smoking: Is not allowed in any of the structures. If you do smoke, wherever you are on the site, please dispose of your butts safely and do not leave them on the ground.


Pets: One, well behaved, dog is allowed in each of our cabin tents and Horse Lorry.  One dog will be allowed in the Tractor Barn when it is completed.  A damages deposit will be required. 


Cars: Please take care when arriving and departing via the country lane and please be considerate to local residents.  Only one car per pitch is allowed as our parking is limited, if you wish to have guests this is by prior arrangement only.  Cars are restricted to the car park area only and are not allowed next to the tents.


Fireworks and lanterns: These are not allowed under any circumstances.


Water: All water available is mains water and fit for drinking. Please use water responsibly,  excessive use, i.e. car washing, paddling pool filling is not allowed.


Showers and sinks: Please supervise children at all times as water can be hot.  There is a £10 key deposit for your private shower room.  


Damage: Any damage to any of the structures, fittings and contents must be paid for.


Hours of Operation: Glamping guests must return to the site no later than 11.30pm.   Glamping Guests must not depart from the site by motor vehicle before 7.30am.  Gates will not be open for new guests outside the hours of 9.30am and 8pm.